Games : The Hunt 2007

21 finalists

The first of the 21 finalists to solve the ‘do over’ final puzzle Tuesday will be named the winner and receive a trip to the burial location to retrieve the chest filled with $50,000 in gold and a key to a new Volvo XC90. The finalists are:

Andreas Aigner, Austria
Konstantin Popov, Bulgaria
Erin Chock, Canada
Dennis Leifheit, Germany
Cheuk Fung Leung, Hong Kong
Andreas, Indonesia
Yukio Takai, Japan
Siew Hang Teh, Malaysia
Patricia Gabriela Medrano Picon, Mexico
Liss Johansen, Norway
Aaron Joseph N. David, Philippines
Jarosaw Nowakowski, Poland
Ciprian Constantin Grosu, Romania
Alena Zvereva, Russia
Wilson Teo, Singapore
Jungtae Ahn, South Korea
Maria Qvick Faxa, Sweden
Shih-En Chen, Taiwan
Geranun Jiraboonyanon, Thailand
Karyn Burgess, United Kingdom
Deborah LaValley, United States

Back in the day, we imagine that a failed quest to find lost treasure would result in scrubbing the deck or walking the plank, but in the 21st century, you merely get a do-over. Those clever Swedes were too much for the 21 finalists for Volvo’s hunt for the lost $50,000 and the key to a new XC90, as the treasure was left undiscovered after the 24-hour deadline. The contest, which lasted a month and included 32,000 online entrants, was narrowed to a final list of 21 “pirates” from all over the world. As a result of the lack of sleuth-power, Volvo’s giving the finalists another run at the buried treasure, and this time the first person to solve the next puzzle gets the prize.

We knew this contest was going to be tough, but even Volvo was surprised that nobody came out on top the first time around. Maybe in the next round they’ll put all 21 contestants in the back of an Ikea store to see who figures out how to leave without buying anything. Check out Volvo’s press release after the jump.

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